Raising Finance

Kortina Advisory has many contacts with investment funds, private equity funds and other investors, who are interested in the opportunities in the Russian market. By keeping in close touch with potential investors Kortina Advisory maintains an up-to-date knowledge base of possible sources of finance.

During the current turbulence, it is increasingly difficult to find bank financing, which necessitates examining other, less conventional, sources of finance. The close contact maintained by Kortina Advisory with the investor base and the speed in assembling initial information for presentation to investors means that reactions and decisions can be speedily obtained.


Financial and Legal Due Diligence

The Kortina Advisory founding partners are experienced bankers and lawyers, who can also call upon the cooperation of senior associates, Russian and international, with strong legal and financial backgrounds. The teams we assemble can carry out a wide range of due diligence activities, to ensure that activities, such as raising finance or overseas expansion, can be carried out with the full observance of local and international law and in such a way as to identify optimum solutions for a range of corporate issues.

We are also experienced in arranging discreet background checks on potential partners in the market, both corporate and individual.