Market Entry/Development

Kortina Advisory has a very flexible approach. Our consultants generally provide the core team for assignments. Where appropriate the team can support or be built around specialised experts in various fields, in accordance with client requirements.

This approach has proven to be very effective in areas as diverse as logistics, transportation, food production and distribution, export and import trade and the commodities and cement industries.

Our flexibility and targeted approach is particularly valuable to our clients at times of market turbulence, such as those being experienced in Russia at present. Many international companies are torn between staying in the market and exiting. Kortina can offer a valuable compromise by providing cost-effective representational, agency and monitoring services.

E-commerce is growing rapidly in Russia and the use of powerful internet platforms, plus the monitoring and representational services of a trusted, on the ground advisor, such as Kortina, can provide international companies with an excellent combination for success in the new market conditions here.