With the recent movements in the oil price and international political difficulties, the Russian business environment is currently going through huge change and turbulence.

It is not surprising that many international companies are leaving the market or are substantially reducing their activities. However, the experience of the two previous crises in Russia – 1998 and 2008/09 – shows that the market has a resilience, which should not be underestimated. Many companies who left at times of crisis could not subsequently regain their previous positions.

It is exactly in this area that Kortina can provide support. The Kortina Advisory founding partners are experienced international bankers and lawyers, who can also call upon the cooperation of senior consultants, Russian and international, with strong legal and financial backgrounds.

As companies and consumers find ways to adapt, several areas of business activity are growing, despite the crisis, – for example, e-commerce in Russia is growing by 25% per year, as international companies adopt a lower risk approach of supplying from overseas.

We can build client-specific teams to represent the interests of our clients and ensure that business will still be developed, even if the client company reduces its footprint in the market.